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Every Tuesday between 8 and 9pm, people from across and beyond Wales use the hashtag #addcym to share ideas on a particular topic. The record of those chats are kept here.

You can vote in the poll for the forthcoming topics. Look through the twitter stream for #addcym or look on facebook to vote!

2012 Chats

26th June (@tartanapples)
19th June (@carysmeredith)
12th June (@sh_hanes)
5th June (@davestacey)
29th May (@jannehayward)
22nd May (@simonpridham123)
15th May (@rosieadavies)
8th May (@yathro)
1st May (@ngflblount)
24th April (@asober)
17th April (@wjputt) - What are the essential skills that teachers need to use ICTs effectively in the learning process for their students?

20th March (@davestacey) - Open House
13th March - (@ColinTGraham) - Cross Curricular
6th March - (@wjputt) - Spending the Pupil Deprivation Grant
28th Feb - @davestacey) - Collaboration
21st Feb - (@davestacey) - CPD
7th Feb - (@davestacey) - Should we revise the National Curriculum in Wales?
31st Jan - (@sh_hanes) - More able and talented
24th Jan - (@davestacey) - Plenaries
17th Jan (@davestacey) - Starters
10th Jan (@wjputt) - Is 10,000 qualifications too many ?
3rd Jan (@davestacey) - What's your New Year's Learning Resolution?

2011 Chats

7th June - How do we ensure that teachers make effective use of technology in their lessons?

24th May - How could the training of teachers be changed?
17th May - Reporting: What do you tell parents and when?
8th May - What is the purpose of education?
24th April - Creating a 'real' audience for your students. How do you do it and what impact does it have?
17th April - The All Wales Learning Platform - How can we ensure that we get what we want and not what they think we want?